You shall be unstoppable as you go this week. May this week launch you to the realm of the supernatural, your land will be fruitful,may you experience God in a new way as you journey through the week, may His divine grace sustain you throughout the week and beyond in Jesus’name. Have a glorious week!

Your week is blessed

No matter how long it takes, the promise of God will never fail. As you go this week, all His promises for you will come to fulfilment, He will never abandon you, He will keep you and watch over you and your loved ones in Jesus’name. Have a victorious week!


May the Lord bless your going out and coming in, may the Lord answer you when you are in distress, He will protect you, shield you and your loved ones from from danger and evil occurrence in Jesus’name. Have a fruitful week.

Weekly Blessing

The Lord will favour you this week and beyond, He will make you fruitful and increase you on all sides He will keep His covenant of peace, joy, love, protection and blessings with you in Jesus’name. Have a Fabulous Week.

Weekly Blessing

As you go this week, the Lord will meet all your needs according to the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus, the Lord will be with you, He will strengthen you and send you help from above in Jesus’name. Have a Victorious Week!

Weekly Blessing

As you go this week, the Lord will make your way prosperous, you shall not labour in vain, the mercy and favour of God will speak for you in Jesus’name. Have a Wonderful Week!