A daughter wore a skimpy skirt one morning and her father told her to go and take it off that it was too short. 👉

She walked to the room and reported her father to her mother 😳.

“Mummy daddy said that I should take off this skirt”.🤷🏻‍♂

Her mother replied “is this like a report or what? ☹️ YETUNDE! that was an instruction and it needed an immediate action, so go and take it off immediately”

She quietly walked away and complied. 😞

  1. Dad / Mum, please turn them back when they are reporting either of you to the other.
  2. Let them know instructions from any parent are not reportable.
  3. As a parent, do not summon your partner to find out whether the report was true or not.
  4. Do not tell your partner he/she was wrong before your child/children.
  5. If you see no reason why such instructions were given, conclude it with your partner in secret and let same person correct it.
  6. If you did not give him/ her a punishment, let the one who gave it do the release and if the person is not around and you can’t reach on phone (try and do the call before the child if possible) then release the child when appropriate and tell him/her that it is with the permission of your husband or wife. Both of you are same.

  1. Let us do this together so we train and raise godly children properly.