I strongly believe there is no where on the surface of earth that fake certificates are legalized, Hmmh if so then what makes you conformable carrying those fakes hair, nails, paints, lip strikes and eyes lashes – make up s to heaven  just because you say it does not matter!

By the time you discover and God tells you no fake things are recommended neither shall enter heaven.
You will be singing Had I know  and the voice will declare

Depart from me you workers of iniquity

Mathew 7: 21-23

I gave you natural hair and you fake it with man made /false hair.

I gave you natural color and you made a false color
I gave you  beautiful lips and you paint them with lips sticks
I gave you clean fingers and toe nails and you painted and decorated them with your own styles where is the Temple of God?

I gave you natural smell or odour and you polluted the Temple with perfumes.

I gave you skin and you mark them with ratios..

God gave you hips and you are elongating it with hip shapers.

Holiness is when you are pure both inside and outside..
Otherwise you are playing a game against your precious soul.
. Many thought things will get better when they die.

The rich man wished for someone to be sent to warn human beings.

Please do not allow just a small ring to land you to eternal hell.

Emmanuel Richard John